League Rebrand

  • The WNBA is the top professional women’s sports league in the world. Players are breaking every record in the books and have compelling individual stories to boot. In 2013, OCD worked with the WNBA to create an identity system that puts an amplifier to the league’s players and their remarkable game.

  • The new identity system launched simultaneously across all WNBA assets including team uniforms, broadcast, digital, signage, print materials and a player-focused campaign that declared “I Am Logowoman.” 

  • Logowoman is an evolution of the original WNBA shield. The silhouette was redrawn to better symbolize the athleticism and diversity of today’s players. The orange and oatmeal were brought in from the league’s most ownable asset: the WNBA game ball.

  • Referee uniforms and in-house communications had been leveraging the unique palette for some time, but it was never brought to the fans. And, of course, great pride, great power and great opportunity come from being part of the larger NBA family.

  • To reinforce that relationship (and to make nice co-branding moments), the pointed shield was replaced with the rounded rectangular lozenge that has become synonymous with professional basketball worldwide.

  • Title IX converted women to athletes, it did not, however, convert women to sports fans. League fans are made by way of players and team loyalties. To better leverage that team-before-league mentality, all league iconography has been turned over to the teams themselves.

  • All brand assets are available for team usage and may be converted to team colors. It’s a more efficient system and allows the WNBA to more directly address each fan where they are.

WNBA Playoff Gear

  • On the heels of the league’s rebrand, OCD was asked to create the WNBA 2013 Playoffs gear. Our starting point was to give them their own “yellow jersey” or “green jacket.” It would be a cap. It would be WNBA orange. And it would be worn only by league champions.

  • The WNBA is a summer league with Playoffs in August/September. Playoffs begin with a best-of-three conference semifinal, which are a 1-1-1 format. The conference finals follow the same format. And the WNBA Finals are a best-of-five series in a 2-2-1 format.