TypeCon2017 Counter

  • TypeCon is an annual celebration of typography and design. Each year the conference takes place in a new city and embodies a type-centric theme brought to life by a renown design team. This year the Society of Typographic Aficionados came to OCD to develop the conference identity and promotional campaign. 

  • The brunt of our work happened in late 2016 after a long and brutal election year that ended on a new low. Our design response had to reflect the importance and urgency of our rapidly changing world and speak to issues affecting us all. We came up with the theme, Counter, which worked both as a type based message as well as a revolutionary call to action.

A type-centric system

  • To help articulate Counter we called on the prolific French type designer, Jean François Porchez, whose typefaces have been used for both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Emmanuel Macron. We worked with his type foundry, ZeCraft, to develop a customized version of AW Conqueror Didot exclusively for TypeCon 2017.