TDC 62 Call For Entry Campaign

  • We were once told: “Out of thousands of typefaces, all we need are a few basic ones, and trash the rest.” That was Massimo Vignelli in 1991. Thousands are now millions and the quality has markedly improved. Picking just five is impossible. Every designer has their own arcane process for selecting a font. Reliable typographers. Preferred foundries. 

  • Old reference books. New “best of” lists. Competition winners. For OCD, the Type Directors Club is the arbiter of great type and typography. As a competition, it’s the Super Bowl of Typographic Design, the World Championship of Lettering, so that’s how we designed it.

Countdown to the Competition

The Palette: A Clash of Titans

Armin Vit, Brand New

Overall, plain fun and perfectly targeted to designers.

The Audience: A League of Nations

  • The Type Directors Club is a global organization with members from over 30 different countries. In 2015, the winners exhibition toured cities in the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • It seemed not only appropriate, but necessary to include non-English text in the exhibition branding. The system translates “Type Directors Club 62/Typography 37/Call for Entries” in winning typefaces of Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Latin and Cyrillic.