Rice Architecture

  • Rice School of Architecture’s highly ranked undergraduate and graduate programs consistently get placed among the top 10 architecture programs in the country. Their remarkably high faculty to student ratio, and the level of collaboration among students, faculty and staff differentiate them from their peer institutions.

  • Key to the relaunch of the brand is an identity system and website to match Dean Sarah Whiting’s vision: that the school is a meeting point of discourse, theory and practice, as well as of Rice University and the world.

Sarah Whiting, Dean of the Rice University School of Architecture

Rice Architecture is the meeting point of design and discourse; of theory and practice; of past and future; and of Rice and the world.
  • ‟Rice Architecture is a think tank: a container for possibilities,” says Dean Sarah Whiting. That optimism is brought to life throughout the visual identity with a broad palette of colors that can be used interchangeably from semester to semester. 

  • A unique circular grid was developed using concentric circles with rigorous mathematical spacing. The circular grid organizes design elements in a dynamic and collaborative way. Type and images encircle content to provide a laser-like focus on Rice Architecture's most important content. 

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