The Soledad O'Brien Starfish Foundation

  • Born out of Soledad O'Brien's experience covering Hurricane Katrina for CNN in 2005, the Powherful Foundation provides funding, mentoring and just about anything else that will help hardworking young women, previously without access to higher education, attend college.

Soledad O’Brien, Co-Founder & CEO

If I could help one young woman, launch her into a brighter future, then she could go off into the world and help others.

Renaming the Foundation

  • The Foundation has always been about empowering girls. It runs several programs including the Scholar Program that pays for 25 girls' college tuition and room-and-board and also the Powherful Summit, an annual, free, day-long conference for high school and college-aged young women.

  • Of all the initiatives, the Powherful Summit has the best reach. It also has the most unique and ownable name. With the project team, we worked to consolidate the Foundation and all of the program branding under one name and one visual language.

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