The NYT Magazine

  • The New York Times Magazine is over 120 years old and has a weekly readership of almost four million. To address the ever-changing demands of a weekly publication, design director Gail Bichler and editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, undertook the most ambitious redesign that the magazine has ever seen.

  • As part of the larger initiative, the duo enlisted OCD to help build a system that would support the magazine content as it migrated across digital platforms. The outcome is a shorthand built from the iconic New York Times blackletter that has ultimately gone beyond the requested platform-driven solution to become a casual identifier for the publication.

  • Much like Chanel has the double-c, The New York Times Magazine now has nytmag. The wordmark was conceptualized and drafted by OCD, then the lettering was perfected by Matthew Carter, who also redrew the masthead for the relaunch.

Digital Platforms

  • The stacked wordmark was developed exclusively for social media. The abbreviated naming convention was derived from the magazine’s longstanding Twitter handle, @nytmag. And the lowercase lettering was proven most legible and most on-brand after a long series of typographic tests.

  • In this particular formation, the letterforms are a bit heavier and a bit more simplified to ensure legibility. The tinted background anticipates a future where color may come into play.