Food and Culture Festival

  • Harlem EatUp! is an uptown festival produced by Marcus Samuelsson Group in partnership with Karlitz & Company. Nationally and locally renowned artists celebrate Harlem’s culinary, fine and performing arts for one very special weekend each May.

  • Events include a dine-out dinner series, culinary demonstrations, panel discussions and a Sunday afternoon block party. We developed the event identity and took the challenge as an opportunity to capture the renaissance happening in Harlem right now.

  • The Harlem EatUp! system needed to come alive, like jazz. Improvisation is a key element of jazz. A composition is rarely played the same way twice, but always works within an established chord progression, scale or mode.

  • The EatUp! “mode” is a strong center line – for balance – and specific relative proportions – for scale. The order and stacking of elements shifts left and right. Color varies. But the composition as a whole maintains balance.

Launch Day: The Invitation