Data-Driven Small Business Lending

  • CAN Capital has been powering small businesses since 1998. Launched by a Gymboree franchise owner who wanted to open additional locations but could not secure funding, CAN has since pioneered a cutting-edge, data-based lending model that positions everyone from restaurant owner to mechanic for financial success by measuring their business, not their credit. 

  • OCD partnered with CAN to support their expansion into online transactions. In a space crowded with lenders and banks, our challenge was to stake out CAN’s uniquely entrepreneurial and optimistic approach. The metaphor that best summarized how CAN works is the wave: cumulative and forward-moving.

  • In a world of lenders and banks, CAN is quite uniquely entrepreneurial and optimistic. They have made the unpredictable world of small business ownership much more predictable and thereby much more stable.

  • Stylists and store owners  have access to cash that would otherwise be beyond their reach. They can simply do more. Projects can start. Dreams can grow. And problems can be solved.