Video Music Awards

  • The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards are to be held on August 27 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. In advance of the biggest party of the year, OCD worked with the in-house team to develop an identity system that celebrates MTV's iconic logo and forges a wholly-new, made-to-be-dynamic mark just for the VMAs. 

  • The symmetrical structure of the new wordmark allows it to easily transform into countless permutations. In its most reductive form, the mark can be used as a full-bleed pattern or for the framing of content and the housing of imagery.

Type and Color

  • The iconic Moonman gently floats to the right of the wordmark. The figure's foot touches the far corner of the "A." His flagpole is planted into the ground of the baseline.

  • And, at the center of the VMA mark, the inverse MTV logo may also house imagery in the bounding shape of the M. That familiar screen comes alive to honor the best videos of the year.

The Campaign

  • Leading up to the award show, the MTV team mounted an artist-driven campaign that's out of this world. Across social media and outdoor, the campaign leveraged elements of the identity system to frame content and activate imagery.