Top Design Firms Imagine Marijuana Branding

  • For their report on 4/20, Surface Magazine asked top design firms in the U.S. to create a “fictionalized aspirational” marijuana brand and its packaging. 

  • Kipling said it best: “Smells are surer than sights and sounds to make your heart-strings crack.” Smell triggers powerful images and emotions before we have time to edit them.

  • In marijuana culture, skunk refers to strong-smelling cannabis strains. We adopted Skunk as our brand name. 

Delight Your Senses: Aerated Packaging

  • We designed Skunk’s unique aerated packaging to delight your sense of smell on first contact. Across a range of products, scent and sensation work together to affect your mood. Product names are deliberate, evoking pungent scents associated with mood-changing moments. 

  • Cool undertones of sandalwood relax. Bright wafts of lemongrass energize. The brand and packaging design reflects the way you’ll feel when using Skunk, further accentuating your enjoyment of the product.

Drive Choice: The Color

  • How the marijuana makes you feel drives the visual components of the brand. Skunk’s identity is developed specifically to aid with choosing the strain that’s right for you. 

  • The two key design decisions are the signature white stripe that works like a highlighter to emphasize the product name and the perforated color-coded packaging that provides a whiff of each unique scent on contact.

Trigger a Memory: The Product Naming

  • Product names are deliberate, evoking pungent scents associated with mood-changing moments. Sunday Paper with notes of papyrus and lavender helps you unwind.

  • Easy-Bake with vanilla and nutmeg brings a smile to your face. Colombian Roast with hints of hazelnut allows you to focus.

Pick a mood: The Product Range