A Season of Jazz

  • Toward the end of the the first season in Jazz at Lincoln Center’s new venue, the luster was wearing off and ticket sales were slowing. The organization was faced with the task of selling a season of jazz to a New York audience that was more interested in going to a hole-in-the-wall club than they were in attending a concert at the TimeWarner Center. 

  • To make Jazz more relevant and to better communicate the Jazz experience, we tapped into the emotion of attending a performance. We worked with the musicians to better understand the soul of the music and we learned that when jazz is played at its very best, it’s “Killin.”

  • We developed a campaign around the idea of “When Jazz is Killin, You Feel More.” The graphic system combined black & white photography with bold gestures of hot pink typography. It expressed the feeling of live music across all Jazz collateral.